Yvonne Monro-Jones

“There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.” – Neil Gaiman

Yvonne Monro-Jones

Yvonne’s broad experience gives her a deep understanding of how to help and support you, no matter what your circumstances or situation. Her empathetic and non-judgemental approach, combined with her natural talent to see things as they really are, gives Yvonne the perfect blend of skills, knowledge and attitude to support you in overcoming any obstacles or challenges that you may be facing and to achieve your goals and objectives; or simply put your life back on track.

Yvonne’s passion has and always will be about helping people, no matter who they are or what their circumstances may be. Yvonne works with people on a wide variety of issues including anxiety, self-confidence, depression, relationships, careers, redundancy, retirement, bereavement and everything in-between.

Counselling & coaching experience

Yvonne’s core motivation is to help and support you to resolve whatever issue is causing you anxiety, distress, concern or is simply getting in the way of your life. She has worked with people from all walks of life, social and economic backgrounds, all ages and genders and at various points in their career or life; there is nothing that she has not faced with someone.

Yvonne is an excellent communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills. Her experience, knowledge and relationship building abilities assist Yvonne in understanding you and overcoming your personal defences in order to deal with your concerns. Her sensitive and focussed approach enables her to get to the root cause of issues quickly, raising insight, awareness and empowering you to make the changes necessary to move forward.

Professionally, Yvonne has a BA Honours in psychology, an advanced diploma in CBT as well as numerous qualifications in counselling, transactional analysis and personal coaching.

Commercial experience

Yvonne spent nearly two decades within the steel industry in a variety of management roles. Her impressive results focussed approach earned her a reputation as a resourceful problem solver and an exceptional implementer of best practice, repeatedly resulting in increased sales and productivity. Her willingness to take ownership and her natural ability to develop strong customer relationships, in a pressurised, target-focused environment, enabled Yvonne to regularly exceed targets and objectives.

Following the decline of the steel industry, Yvonne enjoyed success as a career coach within Welfare to Work. Here she was able to utilise her extensive range of transferrable skills to help those in greatest need of support and guidance. Drawing on her involvement with Samaritans, where she was also a Director, Yvonne once again achieved and exceeded targets, being recognised as someone who could naturally draw out the best in people and help them to succeed where others had failed.

Life experience

Like many people Yvonne has worked with, she has her own life experiences, some good and some bad. She understands that life can throw curve-balls at you, often without warning. Bereavement, redundancy, divorce, family matters, financial concerns, career, age concerns, health worries and many others have all landed at Yvonne’s door at some point or another. While Yvonne acknowledges that everyone is different and their circumstances and situation are unique to them, she has the lived experience to demonstrate true empathy and to really help and support you.

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