Why Bodybuilding Teaches You Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

Arnold Schwarzenegger could definitely be described as one of the most successful people alive on the planet today.

Here’s a guy who was born in a small Austrian village speaking no English. He decided early on he wanted to become a world-class bodybuilder and everyone laughed at him and thought he was mad. He ignored them and became huge, moving to LA on a sponsorship from a bodybuilding magazine. He then learned English, started a business that made him rich (brick laying, selling bodybuilding pamphlets and investing in properties) and went on to win more bodybuilding competitions than anyone in the history of the sport.

Not content, he decided he wanted to become the next big action star. With that accent? You must be kidding! A short time later and he’s the highest paid actor of all time. And you can guess what they all said when he decided he wanted to get into politics…

What does Arnie believe helped him to accomplish all this? Bodybuilding…

What You Learn From Bodybuilding

The main thing you get from bodybuilding is a hugely muscular body that of course increases your confidence and your power and opens a lot of doors. This is immediately highly useful for anyone with big ambitions. If nothing else, it will get you noticed for sure.

But on top of this, bodybuilding also teaches you something much more valuable: which is the value of sticking at something until your goals become manifest. When you work out, you are forced to drag yourself to the gym every single day no matter how you feel in order to train. This is the only way you can possibly compete with the other bodybuilders. Will you have bad days? Sure. But you’ll also have good ones and so you need to keep plugging away nonetheless.

Bodybuilding teaches you iron determination and gives you the drive you need to stick to any goal. Ultimately it teaches you how to make things happen and this is incredibly powerful.

Exercise for Those With Big Plans

So if you want to succeed in life you need to become a bodybuilder? Of course that’s not what I’m saying: but if you have big ambitions then it pays to start exercising so that you’ll start learning how to go after the things you really want and making them happen.

As an added bonus, exercise will improve your health, your brain power and even your mood. If you want to start making massive changes in your life, then the gym is one of the best places to start.

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