Why Big Goals Are More Effective Than Small Ones

A lot of us are afraid to admit our biggest goals and our greatest aims to people because we feel a bit silly when we do. In fact, a lot of us are afraid to admit our biggest goals even to ourselves.

Think about it: when you ask a young child what they want to be, they will often tell you they want to be an astronaut, or a football player, or a rock star… maybe even a princess! Very few people will say ‘accountant’. But as you get older, these exciting answers become less and less common. Why is that? Is it because those cool jobs have become less appealing?

Not at all: it’s because we’ve become less ambitious. Why? Because people have told us we can’t accomplish those big things.

The Power of the Big Goal

Actually though, the surprising reality is that sometimes it’s easier to achieve those really big goals than it is to achieve the small ones. Strange though that may sound, there are simple reasons for it.

The first reason that going big works better than going small is that when you have a big goal, you actually will be more likely to stick to it. Big ideas are exciting and that means you’ll feel passionate about them. Want to stuff envelopes? It’s not easy to be enthusiastic about that. Want to change the world? Now you’re going to be driven and the result will be a ‘flow state’ that makes you work twice as hard and twice as well.

At the same time, your enthusiasm will be contagious. And when you tell people your big goals they will take notice. Some people will scoff sure, but some people will get behind you. People like to get attached to things that they find very exciting because they want to be a part of history.

Meanwhile, when you aim really big, you will be aiming for goals that fewer people are trying for. That means that there will actually be less competition for what you’re trying to do. How many people do you think are genuinely trying to become football players? There are a lot fewer than most other jobs, believe you me!

Finally, if you aim really big and you still fail, then chances are you’ll still be a big hit. If you aim for the stars, you’ll maybe hit the moon!

Don’t shy away from what you really want to do or you’ll be constantly living your life on low volume. Embrace your ambition and go for it!

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