Adele McCormack; International Head of Professional Standards

I have worked closely with David for the past year. He has been a visionary leader inspiring confidence within the team to bring about significant change. David’s work is his passion and his knowledge is unprecedented. I find David to be a compassionate and caring individual who is able to bring out the best of the people he is leading.

Ali Koç; Head of Accreditation

In a very short period of time that I was lucky enough to meet, work, collaborate with David I instantly witnessed his open-honest- humble personality as an individual. A passionate goal and results oriented-supportive business leader, and most of all, as a great driver and agent of change who never lets the focus become lost in the organisation. He is always mindful of what “the moment” requires and how to respond to that moment using his excellent intuition and creativity. I feel so lucky to have been witnessed his work and also the most important of all I feel that I learned from him a lot. Thank you, David.

Helen Cowper; Organisational Development Lead

Approachable and friendly, David instantly enables others to feel comfortable and at ease. He has an innovative approach to coaching and his wide experience leads to a flexible approach to both individual and team coaching. David is calm and non- judgemental which encourages others to feel relaxed and unhurried which in turn enables them to be honest, reflective and get the most out of their coaching experience.

I have learnt a lot from David and have found him to be a consistently warm, open and friendly person that I can always rely on for support and encouragement. I have no hesitation in recommending David as a coach both for individuals and teams. You won’t be disappointed.

Anita Mountain; Managing Director, Coach, Author

David is an intelligent and creative learner. His open and honest style is a measure of how he has integrated his Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Transactional Analysis training. He is a valued member of the group who train here and is always willing to share his knowledge as well as to learn from others. He has a quiet gentle humour that he is able to use appropriately.

David Wilson; Master Practitioner

David is blessed with a very sharp mind, great analytical skills, and huge personal and professional integrity. Add in a naturally friendly, open personality and a good sense of humour, he is one of the finest, most able colleagues and consultants I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. Nothing is too much trouble, and the quality of his work is always outstanding. I am delighted to recommend David because in my view he is a terrific coach and a highly qualified development specialist.

Amanda Knight; Senior Manager, Talent & Culture

If I worked for a corporate organisation and I was looking for an organisational consultant who understands the complexity of balancing the needs of the organisation’s people with strategic priorities, then I would look no further than David. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and practical advice around cultural change within organisations and teams, as well as the fundamentals of personal change. He is also an excellent executive coach, and a great communicator who makes learning fascinating and fun!

Christine Charles; Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

I was coached by David towards the end of my training and when I was beginning to put thoughts together on next steps. David is a skilled coach, I always came away with more than I expected. David helped me break down my goals in realistic time frames, he also helped me consider other options and talked me through any fears I had. David is a unique coach and every coaching session with him is like opening a door and realising that everything is within your grasp!

Karen Smith; Managing Director

I have worked with David for a short while and during this time I have found him to be an extremely talented, experienced and knowledgeable organisational design and development specialist. His wide ranging skill set affords him the ability to professionally advise and support businesses at a high level. He is reliable, thorough, precise, articulate, creative and fun to be around. I would not hesitate in recommending him to potential clients.

Derek Foxcroft; Clean Energy

I worked with David on Emotional Intelligence and found the resulting report accurate, thought provoking and insightful. Over time I have refereed back to this activity to see where I could improve. The part that works for me most is that David’s work is bespoke to my needs.

John Lyons; Visual Psychologist

David is an intelligent man with the ability to communicate his ideas with alacrity, humour and natural leadership within a group. He is better qualified than any coach of a similar nature that I have met in the UK, with the addition of many years of psychological analysis experience on which to draw.

He has freely offered help to myself and colleagues with respect to communication skills in the workplace and thus I am very happy to recommend his services to you today. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a more personal appraisal of David and his services.

John Parr; Certifying Master Trainer; Author

David has a brilliant mind; he thinks extremely well and conceptualises, easily linking his wide knowledge and experience in exciting new ways of thinking. He is assertive, ethical, professional and passionate about what he does. He is energetic, dynamic and has charisma; therefore he brings his energy into everything he gets involved in. He is the kind of person who will do what he says he will do.

I had the pleasure of training David in the Process Communication Model and this proved to be a great experience, as he asked deep and demanding questions, which I personally love in a delegate attending a seminar. It is good for the whole group and exciting for me as the trainer.

David was a valuable member of the group and his enthusiasm for learning and questioning was enabling for the whole training group. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to you, and I am sure he will add value to any organisation where he acts in a consultancy role.

John Mac; Wealth Consultant

David is a great listener & adviser. He is easy to work with & has expert knowledge in his field. With his help I have been able to move forward in my business & personal life after being stuck in a rut for a number of years. I can highly recommend David’s services & can promise that you will not be disappointed.

Cindy Williams; International Trainer at NMC

David is probably one of the most genuine people that I have had the pleasure to meet. He has all of the abilities, skills, knowledge, experience and passion to provide his clients with the additional help that they need to develop, both in their personal lives and/or their corporate productivity and profitability.

With David’s support, combined with his heartfelt desire to help other people to be the best they can be, I soon realised that failure was never an option. David has fully supported the launch of the Cardiff Alpha Group throughout, for which I am truly grateful.

If you have a business or personal issue, need an exceptional coach/consultant and/or someone who will motivate you to find a solution, I would strongly recommend you contact David.

Chris Byne; Director, Group Compensation

I was recommend to David through a friend. I was looking for some help so I could find a better balance in life and to overcome some work/ life challenges. During the initial call David listened while I tried to articulate my challenge and what I wanted to get out of it, he also listed the ‘rules of engagement’ in a clear and concise way that I immediately thought this will work for me.

We had 4 sessions spaced roughly every 2 weeks. During this time David listened a lot at first, which I found to be very valuable. It helped a great deal to talk openly to someone who was not emotionally involved. I was surprised how quickly I was able to see a clearer picture. The real value I got from David, was the way he asked questions, challenged me to re-phrase and to re-think. This enabled ME to work it out. I found the whole experience very rewarding and I would recommend David without hesitation.

Stephen Bayliss; Senior Developer

David was of great help to me in developing the skills and self-belief needed to negotiate a particularly challenging point in my career path. Through completing a detailed assessment profile, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of my underlying motivations, allowing me to make use of this knowledge in choosing my path through life. I anticipate working with David again and will happily recommend his services to those I encounter who would benefit from them.

Isobel Stefaniuk; CEO, Home-Start Teesside

I have known David for over a year, having met him at the Network North – Stockton meetings. David was promoting personal coaching, and as manager of a voluntary organisation, I felt that I would benefit from this – and I did. I am now a stronger and more confident person in my ability to manage my work. David also worked with our Board of Trustees and staff to “Vision” what our organisation should be striving for in the future – a very interesting and worthwhile exercise. I am happy to recommend David as he has the experience and understanding to work with people to get the best possible outcome.

Sarah Porter; CEO, Heart of London

Heart of London really valued the team development process: we took so much away with us and have continued to put into place the values and actions that we agreed as a team on the day. It is really making the difference in ensuring we are a high performing team focused on our common objectives. David and Helen were superb; ensuring we all got the best out of the day? the best bit was the confidence we all felt in the future!


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