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A Cohesive High-Performing Team... It's Every Organisation's Dream

When it comes to building a solid, high performing team, even the biggest organisations face daunting challenges. These vary from:

  • Interpersonal conflic
  • Lack of trus
  • Role confusion
  • Poor communication
  • Poor performance
  • High dependency on leaders
  • Poor working environment
  • Lack of engagement
  • Opposing goals
  • Siloed work

If left unaddressed, this can quickly lead to team disharmony, the decrease of team engagement and performance, and the creation of a toxic culture within the organisation.

Get A Guide Who Can Help You & Your Team Overcome These Challenges

Team coaching benefits the individuals and the organisation as a whole. It provides an excellent opportunity for team members to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences, which is key to building trust, collaboration, and improving team productivity.

interpersonal skills

Boosts performance & productivity

Boosts Employee Engagement

Establishes trust among team members

Break down silos

Foster a culture of learning & improvement

Growth in revenue and sales

Stronger team relationships

Upgrade Your Team's Capacity & Capability With A Stakeholder- Centered Approach

Research shows that the most successful teams have the means to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain that action.

By utilising the Team Diagnostic™ assessment, David can help you identify barriers to growth, address blind spots, and develop strategies to foster higher levels of productivity and positive interpersonal relationships in your organisation.

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Your Team Coaching Journey

#1 Discovery & Setting Expectations

Exploring your needs, your challenges, and finding out if we are the right fit.

#2 Raising Awareness of How The Team Is Perceived

Assessments & interviews to understand your current team effectiveness & behaviours

#3 Feedback & Feedforward

Providing relevant, insightful feedback to your team from a variety of observers.

#7 After Action Reviews

Regular reviews on progress until your goal has been reached & discussing the next steps.

#6 Support

On-going coaching in real time to provide the support and resources required for success.

#5 Application

Begin working on your development goals, seeking regular feedback from your stakeholders.

#4 Develop Credible Intentions

Sense-making & setting development goals based upon stakeholder feedback. Overcoming interferences and competing commitments.

Repeat assessment after 6 months to review progress. Set additional goals if required.

Points 3-5 can be conducted as a half day or even a two day event.

Team Coaching
Tools & Assessments

Team Diagnostic™

The Team Diagnostic model™ defines 7 productivity factors and 7 positivity factors. The detailed layers of the report provides David with a complete picture on how to help you create a high performing team.

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