Process Communication Model®

Become An Adaptive Communicator with The Process Communication Model®

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world s premier tool that enables David to help you understand how you and other people around you communicate.

More than 1.4 million people have benefitted from PCM.

By leveraging PCM®, you can enjoy these benefits:

Truly connect with the people you re communicating with

Develop a deeper understanding how you & others communicate

Anticipate & reduce misunderstandings

Set clear

Reduce conflict by avoiding sabotaging behaviour

Establish & maintain effective relationships

Express your vision & expectations clearly

Motivate, engage, and inspire your team

The 6 Personality Types

David will be your guide in exploring the 6 basic personality types (you ll realize that everyone has some of each type within them) and how to utilize different types of communication effectively.

By getting to know yourself and understanding the personality types of the people in your life, you can dramatically change the way you communicate and motivate.

David will utilise your individualized PCM profile to help you become an impactful communicator by identifying and connecting the reasoning behind failure patterns along with potential success patterns.

With his guidance, you can identify and explore situations that might be a source of stress, and how to handle them effectively.

It will also cover subjects such as:


Personality Structure

Environmental Preferences

Negative Behaviors related to Psychological Needs


Psychological Needs

Distress Sequence

Character Strengths

Current Phase

Action Plan

Interaction Styles

Personality Parts

Channels of Communication

This is the only methodology in the world that combines behavioral analysis and typology of personality, along with adaptive communication techniques.

We Use Process
Model For

Adaptive Communication Coaching & Training

Reduce miscommunication, avoid conflict and establish meaningful relationships by learning the art of effective and impactful communication using the Process Communication Model®

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