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Personal Directions measures 18 life architecture and 11 quality of life variables to provide you with clear, powerful feedback on how you see yourself in significant areas of your life. Capitalising on the insights this feedback brings, Personal Directions lays a deep, robust foundation for both career development and personal growth to foster success at work and in your life.

Personal Directions

Personal Directions can reveal:

  • What you want from your world

  • Areas of life where you have chosen (both intentionally and unintentionally) to invest your energy and resources

  • Unique insights into how you feel about the investments and choices you have made

  • Actions to consider, based on what you now know about yourself, as you look into the future

Personal Directions goes beyond the workplace and into the world, providing you with life-changing insights.

An especially powerful tool for coaching, Personal Directions also provides important insights during transitions such as high- potential development, readiness for new assignments, and pre-retirement planning.

Personal Directions incorporates the Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) which connects motivations, behaviours and work in ways that make progress possible. The IDI is designed to reflect the degree to which you gain emotional satisfaction from work and life.

The IDI can be used as a separate assessment and is very useful for highlighting aspects of your ideal environment and strengthening team dynamics.

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