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Are You Communicating,
Or Simply Talking?

Research suggests that you spend up to 80% of your waking hours communicating in one form or another.

That’s a lot of time to get things wrong, and even the smallest communication errors can have massive consequences.

Fortunately, communication is a skill that can be learned and enhanced with the right guidance.

Upgrade Your
Communication Skills with
Adaptive Communication

We all have different ways of communicating. Some come more naturally to us than others, based on our personality and preferences.

Adaptive communication means switching between different communication styles based on contextual demands. The ability to communicate adaptively is important for most people, but it’s particularly critical for leaders.

Smart leaders recognise when they need to change their approach for greater influence. They cultivate a wide spectrum of influencing styles and draw on them when the situation calls for it, which helps them communicate more effectively.

Through adaptive communication, you can learn how to:

Truly connect with the people you re communicating with

Develop a deeper understanding how you & others communicate

Anticipate & reduce misunderstandings

Set clear

Reduce conflict by avoiding sabotaging behaviour

Establish & maintain effective relationships

Express your vision & expectations clearly

Motivate, engage, and inspire your team

Become An Influential Communicator with The Process Communication Model®

Supported with the Process Communication Model® (PCM), David will be your guide in exploring the 6 personality types and how to effectively utilize different types of communication.

Tailor your communication to match the style of the person you wish to communicate with, convey your message clearly, and master the art of persuasion through adaptive communication.

If you want people to listen, you must speak their language

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Your Adaptive Communication Journey

#1 Discovery & Setting Expectations

Exploring your needs, your challenges, and finding out if we are the right fit.

#2 PCM Profile Creation

Get to know your strengths, needs, and warning signals through a proven Process Communication Model® questionnaire

#3 Decoding Yourself

Learn all about your personality and communication styles and how it impacts your relationship with others.

#4 Speak Their Language

Providing relevant, insightful feedback to you from a variety of observers.

#8 After Action Reviews

Regular reviews on progress until your goal has been reached & discussing the next steps.

#7 Support

On-going coaching in real time to provide the support and resources required for success.

#6 Application

Begin working on your development goals, seeking regular feedback from your stakeholders.

#5 Develop Credible Intentions

Sense-making & setting development goals based upon stakeholder feedback. Overcoming interferences and competing commitments.

Tools & Assessments

Process Communication Model®

By using the Process Communication Model, David will be your guide in exploring the 6 personality types and how to utilise different types of communication effectively.

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