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“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

About Us

Perceptual Reality is a high-impact, outcomes-based coaching, counselling, human potential and consultancy practice. We support individuals, leaders, teams, executives and organisations in achieving sustainable change, transformation and development. We help distinguish perception from reality.

We are a little different

We are a little different to many coaching, counselling and consultancy practices. We believe in challenging taken-for-granted assumptions and unearthing critical insights that illuminate how your world really is and how others see it too. We never let our perceptions limit our reality, or yours.

Why we care

We passionately believe that people matter; it is the driving force behind everything we do. We embrace ‘primum non nocere’ – ‘first, do no harm’. We strongly believe that any interaction that involves working with people on a cognitive, emotional, psychological or behavioural level must be conducted by someone who is professionally trained, qualified and accredited. This really matter to us. Would you undergo surgery from an unqualified or untrained physician? Would you let an unqualified or untrained mechanic service the brakes of your car?

People matter. You matter, and that’s what we care about. We care about helping those we work with to achieve what is important for them. We bring passion, understanding and commitment to every interaction and engagement we undertake.

We have a golden rule. If we are not equipped or qualified to help, we will tell you and recommend someone else.

Why we are ideally positioned to help

Essentially, we care! Furthermore, we are professionally trained, qualified and accredited in the field that we are so passionate about. We have undertaken thousands of hours or coaching, counselling, consultancy and development work across a wide range of industries and sectors. We draw upon our commercial and life experiences, as well as the world class training we have received and continue to explore, to co-create solutions that fulfil your needs and are sustainable. We never lose sight of meeting your requirements and we never impose something you don’t need or want.

How we world’s

Our ability to choose the most appropriate approach enables us to really get to the heart of the matter and work with you on the things that matter most to you, your team and/or your organisation. Our multi-disciplinary style helps you to see things as they truly are, heightening your level of awareness and enhancing your understanding of how others interpret their world.

We have another golden rule; ‘seek first to understand’. We will never recommend or suggest an approach or a solution without getting to know what the real issue is that you want help with; really understanding what’s going on for you, your team or your organisation. We never use any of our methods or assessments just because we can. We always use the approach which is most effective and beneficial for your requirements.

Our toolbox and portfolio embraces many models, approaches, techniques and philosophies that have a proven track record. These include coaching, counselling, consultancy, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, leadership development, motivation, culture and values, CBT, Appreciative Inquiry, personality, Process Communication, relationships, and neuroscience, amongst others. Additionally, we work with some of the world?s finest providers of assessment tools and have undergone rigorous training in administering and interpreting these.

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