Want to Succeed in One Thing? Change Everything

If you want to be truly successful in any single area, then it really isn’t enough to just change one aspect of your lifestyle or to commit to just doing well in that one aspect of your life. Normally, if you want to improve your fortunes in one area of your life then you need to change everything. Want to do better in your career? You probably need to change your relationship and your health too. Want to improve your health? It’s time to change your relationship and your career.

Unravelling the Mystery of What’s Holding You Back

So why then would this possibly be the case? Why would changing your career be an important move if you want to get into shape?

Well look at it this way: you probably already want to be as successful as possible in every area of your life. So if you could be healthier, then you probably would be. If you could be earning more, then you probably would be. The point? Something must be holding you back.

If you’re trying to get into shape and you keep failing to commit to your new training regimes for example, it’s probably wrong to place the blame on the quality of the workout program you were given. More likely, the problem is that you’re coming home from work with zero energy left in order to do the things you want to do – like workout or cook a healthy meal.

This then means that you’ll have to change your career if you want to stand any chance of having the time and energy you need in order to workout. Maybe you also need to change your diet and your sleeping habits so you’ll have more energy in the mornings. Maybe you’ll also need to discuss with your partner changing your routine. You might even need to cancel some of your weekly social commitments to make time.

The point is that you aren’t likely to be able to simply add a whole new large commitment to your routine without changing something else to make room. Makes sense doesn’t it?

As for your career? Well you’ll need to make time in the evenings to be able to apply to other jobs and you’ll need to increase your energy and health if you’re going to put your best foot forward.

So to change one thing you often need to change everything. But there’s good news too: once you see improvement in one area of your life, improvements in every other aspect will almost always follow…

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