Team Diagnnostic™

Measure, Improve, and Sustain Team Performance

Although it is valuable to assess and analyze certain metrics of individual team members to gain insights, it is simply not enough. That’s where Team Diagnostic™ can help.

This assessment helps David gain a full picture of your team. It offers a unique approach as it regard the team as a dynamic system with its own personality, rules, vision, blind spots, and even moods.

Research shows that the most successful teams have the means to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain that action.

The Team Diagnostic™ model defines 7 productivity factors and 7 positivity factors. This constellation of competencies and increasingly detailed layers of the report provide a complete picture for creating high-performing teams.

Productivity Competencies

Team Leadership


Decision Making


Goals & Strategies



Positivity Competencies





Values Diversity


Constructive Interaction


We Use Team
Diagnostic™ For

Team Coaching

Build a high-performing and highlyengaged team by aligning your team around a common purpose, identifying key strengths and areas of development, and establishing healthy team relationships.

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