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Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified® Coach

Strong Emphasis on Behavioral Change

32 years of corporate experience

15 years of formal coaching experience

As A Leader, It's Easy To Lose Sight Of What's Important

It can be overwhelming leading a team in today’s fast-paced workplace.

The daily grind can create blind spots for negative habits.

It can overshadow your main purpose as a leader, which is to motivate, inspire, and guide your team towards a specific end goal.

That’s why you need a guide that can help you illuminate those blind spots and help you achieve your highest leadership potential.

That's where coaching
comes into play

Coaching is a brilliant way to help you become more self-aware about your negative habits and unconscious biases, so that you can find ways to replace them with positive and impactful behaviours. It can also help you develop new ways of thinking about your leadership role and skills, thereby improving your overall leadership effectiveness.

Empirical research indicates that 86% of organisations noticed an ROI on their coaching engagements and 96% of those who had an executive coach said they would repeat the process again.

Give valuable insight on how Executives are seen by others

Bring clarity on personal goals

Explore emotional intelligence and softer skills

Identify personal development opportunities

Address management or performance issues

Understand stress and how to manage it

Learn to respond differently when faced with challenges

Provide a safe place to test & model new ideas or different ways of working

Enhance Your
Leadership Skills with
a Stakeholder-Centered

To help you reap the most benefits out of your leadership coaching experience, we utilise the world-renowned and proven Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process.

David combines the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® methodology with assessments from MRG to ensure that your leadership improvement is quantified, sustained, and recognised.

95% of leaders using the SCC® methodology improve their effectiveness due to higher accountability, constant feedback, and stakeholder’s involvement.

Professionally Trained, Certified, and Accredited

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Your Leadership Coaching Journey

#1 Discovery & Setting Expectations

Exploring your needs, your challenges, and finding out if we are the right fit.

#2 Raising Awareness of How You Are Perceived

Assessments & interviews to understand your current leadership behaviours and effectiveness.

#3 Drivers & Motivation

Raising awareness of motivational energy for personal and organisational success.

#4 Feedback & Feedforward

Providing relevant, insightful feedback to you from a variety of observers.

#8 After Action Reviews

Regular reviews on progress until your goal has been reached & discussing the next steps.

#7 Support

On-going coaching in real time to provide the support and resources required for success.

#6 Application

Begin working on your development goals, seeking regular feedback from your stakeholders.

#5 Develop Credible Intentions

Sense-making & setting development goals based upon stakeholder feedback. Overcoming interferences and competing commitments.

Tools &

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™

David uses the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ to measure 22 leadership behaviours grouped into 6 core functions, creating a uniquely insightful profile for him to provide a nuanced and scientific assessment.

Individual Directions Inventory™

The Individual Directions Inventory™ helps David break barriers of growth by uncovering hidden motivations, fostering self-awareness, & providing insights for lasting improvement to unlock your full potential.

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