Individual Directions Inventory™

Reveal Untapped Sources of Motivation & Reach Your Full Potential

Each of us has complex emotional drivers — both personal and professional — that hold the key to our success.

The Individual Directions Inventory™ helps David break barriers of growth by uncovering hidden drivers and motivations — fostering a deep level of self-awareness and providing eye-opening insights to help achieve lasting improvement and unlocking your full potential.

Uncover hidden drivers to reignite individual energy & opportunities for growth

Highlight aspects of an individual s ideal environment

Strengthen team dynamics

Build a roadmap to channel motivational energy to achieve goals

Undergo organisational change, coaching, executive transition, and candidate selection effectively

Hard work and good intentions have limits. To support success, uncover the hidden insights and motivations that illuminate new opportunities for growth.


We Use Individual Directions Inventory™ For

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Deliver impact, inspire, and lead your team towards success with the help of Individual Directions Inventory™ combined with the Stakeholder Centered Coaching® process.

Team Coaching

Build a high-performing and highly-engaged team by aligning your team around a common purpose, identifying key strengths and areas of development, and establishing healthy team relationships.

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