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What kind of culture & values does your organisation have?

When it comes to attracting and maintaining high-performing individuals and staying ahead of the competition, organisational culture and values are key.

Your organisational values reflect what is important to you and how you operate.

77% of employees will consider a company’s values & culture before applying and half would leave their current job for a lower-paying position with a better culture.

Organisations with strong & positive culture can enjoy these benefits:

Increased employee engagement

Decreased turnover

Strong brand identity

Elevated productivity

More transformational power

Nurturing & maintaining more top performers

More effective onboarding

Healthier working environment

Establish A Values driven Culture Within Your Organisation

Many organisations struggle in building and implementing the right values and culture, causing them to lose talent, direction, and growth opportunities.

That’s where David can help.

David utilises Barrett Analytics to support you in building high-performance, values-driven culture. This allows you to attract and retain talented individuals, and also boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Your Culture Transformation Journey

#1 Discovery & Setting Expectations

Exploring your needs, your challenges, and finding out if we are the right fit.

#2 Raising Awareness of How You Are Perceived

Assessments & interviews to understand your current organisational culture & values.

#3 Complete Culture Assessment

Fill out customised values survey by Barret Values Centre

#4 Report Review

Review your culture survey results

#5 Feedback & Feedforward

Providing relevant, insightful feedback to you from a variety of observers.

#9 After Action Reviews

Regular reviews on progress until the goal has been reached & discussion on next steps.

#8 Support

On-going coaching in real time to provide the support and resources required for success.

#7 Application

Begin working on your development goals, seeking regular feedback from your stakeholders.

#6 Develop Credible Intentions

Sense-making & setting development goals based upon stakeholder feedback. Overcoming interferences and competing commitments.

Tools & Assessments

Barrett Analytics

Barret Analytics help David understand your authentic motivations (values). This allows him to provide  precise picture of your organisation’s dynamics & an accurate action plan for cultural transformation.

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