Coaching And Consultancy Services

We offer a selection of high-impact and results-based coaching and consultancy that can help you achieve your goals.

Main Services

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Deliver impact, inspire, and lead your team towards success with the help of a field-tested methodology that can help you achieve sustainable (and measurable) behavioural change through a stakeholder centered approach (SCC®).

Team Coaching

Build a high-performing and hyper-engaged team by aligning them around a common purpose, identifying key strengths and areas of improvement, along with establishing healthy team relationships.

Culture & Values Consultancy

Identify the signs of cultural dysfunction in your organisation and learn what you stand for. Build a culture of resilience, adaptability, and growth with values alignment and Barrett Analytics.

Process Communication Model®

Reduce miscommunication, avoid conflict and establish meaningful relationships by learning the art of effective and impactful communication using the Process Communication Model®

David also provides

Emotional Intelligence

Become a more resilient and self-aware individual who is highly adaptable, and able to effectively handle stress, change and conflict by improving your Emotional Intelligence level.

Talent Management
and Succession Planning

Identify and develop high potential employees for advancement in your organisation with proven talent management and succession strategies.

Coach Supervision

Improve coaching skills and knowledge through hands-on supervision to internal coaches/mentors in organisational settings and/or to individual coaches.

Coach Training & Coaching
Culture Establishment

Develop your organisation s internal coaching capabilities through coach training and establishing a coaching culture.

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