About David Monro-Jones

A thought-provoking and no nonsense coach who specialises in helping leaders break free from the limitations of their own perceptions.

As the owner of Perceptual Reality, accredited coach and mentor certified in several world-class leadership methodologies, David has helped leaders and teams from around the globe improve their behaviours and organisational effectiveness.

Being an avid learner, David spends most of his time on professional development and reading leadership, psychology, or coaching-related books. Whenever he is not adding to his skill sets, you can find him walking with his wife Yvonne and their two dogs (Belle & Daisy) on the beach, gardening, or taking pictures of wildlife, as he adores nature photography.

Professionally Trained, Certified, and Accredited

An avid learner with a wealth of experiences

Since the beginning of his management career, David had been informally coaching and mentoring his team. That is when he realised that helping people achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding and something that he is very passionate about.

Aside from successfully achieving multiple world class certifications like Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching®, David also contributed to the restructuring and growth of the IAPC&M — the world s leading accreditation body for coaches and mentors.

As the Operations Director (COO) for IAPC&M, his effort to create a massive bottom-line impact (382% increase in turnover) has contributed to the growth of the organisation by setting and raising the standard of coaching and mentoring.

A direct,
adaptive coach that
gets down to the
root of any issue

Being a hybrid and data driven coach, David possesses a unique mastery through utilising his wealth of knowledge and deep insights from his diverse experience to benefit everyone he works with.

With his thought provoking and unapologetic coaching style, he has a knack for raising awareness of the unseen — making way for a deeper, quality exploration to take place that allows you to recognise your areas of development, to work through them together, and achieve your ultimate goals.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
– James Baldwin

Our Core Values


We care deeply about people. We never forget that we are here to help those who are in need of our assistance, no matter their circumstances or situation. This is the uppermost calling of our work.


We promote consistency, transparency, honesty and exercise moral and ethical principles in every interaction we undertake and every engagement we commence.

Making a Difference

Our true purpose is to make a positive difference. Everything we do is grounded in our belief that our coaching & consultant practices must be at the highest possible standard to benefit everyone we work and engage with.

Continuous Learning

We are consistently enhancing our skills, knowledge and experiences; exploring new ideas, concepts and developments for the benefits of everyone.


We strive to be true to our personality; to be who we truly are, despite eternal forces. We encourage and invite others to do the same.

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